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Making a Contribution to progress in health,
our purpose is to become the authority in our areas of specialty.
Central nervous system, cardiology, urology, and gastroenterology are SANOFI-SYNTHELABO's major fields, where its experience and expertise are internationally recognized. It is this know how that is the foundation of our successful involvement in Europe, in the USA and in Japan, and that is itself founded on our constant scientific advance.
Making a Contribution to progress in research,
our commitment to the development of medicine that makes the difference.
The quality of our research arises out of our multiple cultures and the interactions between them. Our 1700 research staff represent 23 nationalities, and it is in this situation of constant exchanges that our laboratory derives its force of anticipation with a dynamic evolution of its research. The recent introduction of new approaches and new technologies (Genomics, Combinatorial Chemistry, Determination of Protein Structure and High Throughput Screening) will allow it to continue this unceasing evolution.
Making a Contribution to the spread and exchange of knowledge,
an imperative that we treat with the utmost seriousness.
Sharing our know how, supporting research, promoting contact between researchers, doctors and health specialists, that is also our way of making a contribution to advances in knowledge. SANOFI-SYNTHELABO plays an extensive training role by running seminars and publishing reviews and books. It supports young researchers through scholarships and backs large-scale epidemiological research programmes.

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